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Since 1992 when we manufactured our first storage tank, we have received many questions from our customers. We gathered the most frequent ones asked and hope you can find a possible answer to your question below:

LLDPE more commonly known as Polyethylene, a material used for food contact applications, potable water storage and many chemical and heating oil storage applications.

Our raw materials/tanks have been tested and or adhere to guidelines by the following organizations:

  1. FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration)
  2. ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
  3. CYS ( Cyprus Organization for Standardisation)
  4. OFTEC (Oil Firing Technical Association - UK & Ireland)
  5. European Union Directives

Also, our products are Made in the EU and where needed have CE marking, which means they comply with European Standards.

You can use our storage tanks for food contact applications, potable water storage and many chemical and heating oil storage applications.

You must firstly inform us of your intended use so that we can produce a tank with extra wall thickness to endure the water movement thus avoiding any damage to the tank.

You can buy a new one either by coming directly to our factory or by having one delivered to you.

For more information regarding prices or spare parts, don't hesitate to contact us.

First thing to do is to identify if the product is actually ours. We can do that either by coming to your place and inspect it or by electronically sending us photos of the tank and the damage.

Secondly, if the product is ours and we did not cause the damage during delivery, the cost of replacing or fixing the damage, has to be paid by the buyer.

During loading, unloading, transportation and delivery, our personnel are well trained and cautious.

Like all storage tanks, our products are built to be placed on water towers so that they can be combined with solar water heaters.

In such cases, we recommend you buy one of our galvanized metal stands that are constructed according to our design and blueprints.

The storage tanks come in two primary colour options, with white being the preferred choice for the exterior and black for the interior. The second option is grey. Additionally, there is a third option available, which is black in colour.

We offer a 10 year guarantee on our products.

Please keep in mind that if you construct any type of metal stand without following our blueprints, or damage the product, the guarantee does not apply.

To ensure our guarantee is valid, we recommend either you buy the complete system from us directly, or to follow the instructions of our blueprints and also the mounting instructions.

We are currently updating with our latest products and protocols and it will be available for on line viewing and printing.

Important Advice and Tips You Should Know

Our advice is essential for understanding product guidelines, guarantee coverage, and preventing damage.


The first thing to consider is to make sure that the surface on which you intend to place the storage tank, is clean and clear from small rocks and things that might deeply scratch the product.


Our advice is to consider placing the tank on our metal support stands that are constructed according to our guidelines.


We offer two primary colour options: white/grey, with white as the preferred choice for the exterior. Additionally, there is a black option available.

Colour Usage

The white colour is predominantly used for house water storage, making it the most popular choice for that purpose. On the other hand, grey is commonly used for storing heating fuel.

In Summary

Our versatile storage tanks can accommodate a wide range of liquids based on your specific needs and usage requirements.

With our certifications, our products are suitable for almost every liquid for example wine, potable water, agriculture water, heating fuel, etc.

Our tanks offer various storage quantity options depending on your needs. The storage capacity depends on the size of the tank you choose and can range from 150 litres to 10500 litres. This allows you to store the required quantity of liquids according to your needs, whether it's drinking water, heating fuel, chemicals, or other fluids.

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