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Production of polyethylene storage tanks varying from 150L to 10500L that can be safely used to store various liquids like potable water, chemicals, heating fuels and more.

Revolutionizing Plastic Storage Tanks Since 1992

Plastikon has been a pioneering force in the field of plastic storage tanks since 1992. With a track record spanning over three decades, we have become a trusted name in Cyprus, Europe, and Africa, revolutionizing the industry with our innovative and reliable storage solutions. Our tanks are engineered with a focus on durability, efficiency, and safety, ensuring exceptional performance in storing various liquids.

At Plastikon, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and driven by a passion for innovation. Our industry-leading expertise and unwavering commitment to quality have positioned us as a trusted partner for businesses seeking cutting-edge plastic storage tanks. Choose Plastikon as your trusted supplier and experience the excellence that has been shaping the industry for over 30 years.

Advantages of Polyethylene Storage Tanks

Safe for Use Material

The LLDPE(Polyethylene) used by our factory is a material that is suitable for potable water and food contact approved,therefore safe to use regarding health and well being.

Domestic Heating Oils

We manufacture specific heating oil storage tanks with CE marking which means tested for storing safely your domestic heating oils. Polyethylene oil storage tanks have a longer lifespan than metal storage tanks and no need for maintenance.

Wine Storage

Wine producers need large barrels to store their production. Polyethylene is a certified and safe material for storing wine.

Food Contact

Our products are laboratory tested and are suitable for storing liquids such as olive oil, cooking oil, wine, potable water etc.

Extra Thick Tank

Install and transport our extra thick wall tanks on your truck for watering agricultural products. Also for burying by following our prepared instructions.

Our Guarantee

Our storage tank is covered by a 10 year guarantee if installed and used according to our guidelines.

Our Services

Storage Tank Manufacturing

We manufacture a range of products using virgin polyethylene material, known for its hygiene suitability. Our offerings include storage tanks (150L to 10500L).

Custom Orders

We can provide custom orders tailored to your needs, such as producing storage tanks with extra strong wall thickness for transportation purposes. If you desire a different colour from our standard options, please contact us for further details. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Product Delivery

Choose self pick up or free delivery. Please take precautions during self pick up as self-inflicted damage is not covered by the guarantee. Our fleet ensures safe delivery in Cyprus, taking full responsibility for transportation damage. We replace items at no extra cost, prioritizing your satisfaction and safe arrival.

Spare Parts

We provide spare parts for our products in case of loss or damage. If the spare part is damaged or lost due to your fault, replacement parts can be purchased directly from our factory. We are here to support you with the necessary spare parts to maintain the functionality of our products.

Indirect Purchase

As the leading storage tank company, our products are available through our network of dealers in Cyprus and abroad. You can purchase from our reselling points where our guarantee applies. When buying from a reseller, please check for any damage. Our guarantee also applies if you purchase from a professional plumber.


We do not provide installation services. You are responsible for finding a qualified technician. An online guide with factory instructions for proper installation is being prepared and will be available soon for online reading or printing, providing the necessary guidance for a successful installation.

Reuse the Past, Recycle the Present, Save the Future

Why would you dispose of your damaged plastic tank on a wasteful site? At Plastikon, we prioritize the environment, living by our motto, ‘With Love And Respect Towards Man And The Environment.’ That’s why we have established a dedicated recycling unit. Whether it’s our own product or a competitor’s, we take every storage tank and recycle it, transforming it into a brand new one. Join us in making a sustainable choice for a greener future.

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