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Over 30 Years Experience And Know How In Manufacturing Plastic Storage Tanks Makes Us The Leading Company In Our Sector


Our products have been approved by the following national and international organizations


In 1992 we manufactured our first plastic storage tank. Since then we have gained the experience and the know how to be established as the leading company in our sector.

Our Profile

Since 1992, S&T Plastikon LTD, is a pioneer industry in rotational molding. We use pure polyethylene material, and in our portfolio, you can find plastic storage tanks that can be used for storage drinking water, oil (heating diesel, petrol etc.), and various chemicals in accordance with the requirements of the national and European legislation.

Our products have a recognized quality and meet the expectations of our clientele in Cyprus and abroad in the most efficient and economical way.

Quality With Specifications

To stay the leading company in our sector, we are committed towards our self’s but mostly to you, our clients, we established the following pillars:

  1. Continues research and knowledge for plastic technology development
  2. Reliability
  3. To maintain our excellent service
  4. Friendliness


Our company is in Lakatamia industrial area, under private plots of 4500 m2 and 2500 m2 buildings.


Our management organization makes us self-sufficient in relation to our competitors. How we are different? Starting from coloring the raw materials in an Extruder, continuing by converting it to powder in our Pulverizers and ending by recycling the flaw products.

We have in our procession 18 productions heads, that the molds can be attached on, and we can produce storage tanks from 150L up to 8500L.

Production, Distribution, and Installment

It is estimated that since Oct. 2021, In Cyprus are installed approximately 900.000 to 1.2 million storage tanks with an average of 58 to 78 cm3 of specialized Polyethylene material storage tanks made with the technology of rotational molding (the numbers are estimated according to our archives and possible numbers of our competitors).

Product Quality

Our machines and equipment’s are intensively controlled over a weekly and monthly schedule, to ensure that we produce lesser flaw products and the best quality for the consumer. And that is the reason why we have an uprising qualitative product.


Since our establishment, we have completed four innovative research projects and participated in two European projects abroad.

national research projects

Research Title:
Development of an Optimized Production Process of Rotary Casting and Energy Model

Type of Participation
Contractor: S&T Plastikon LTD

Research Title:
Industrial Research of developing an innovative steel water heater with coated polymer internally by Rotary Casting method

Type of Participation
Contractor: S&T Plastikon LTD
Collaborator: Theohalko Solar Energy Industry LTD

Research Title:
Development of an innovative Autonomous High Performance Accelerated Solar Thermal System without Power Consumption (Upgraded research of 2008)

Type of Participation
Contractor: Theohalko Solar Energy Industry LTD
Collaborator: S&T Plastikon LTD

Research Title:
Innovative autonomous solar thermal systems with accelerated circulation with high efficiency solar panels and hot water storage in Static water heaters made with Polymer for small (home) and large (Industrial and hotel) scale applications.

Type of Participation
Contractor: Theohalko Solar Energy Industry LTD
Collaborator: S&T Plastikon LTD
View Project

international research projects

Research Title:
Usage of New Polymeric Materials

Type of Participation
Co-researcher with Prof. Luke Savage at University of Exeter

Research Title:
Development of an energy efficient domestic electric storage water heater with more than 40% reduction in heat loss on bases of competitive prices.

Type of Participation
Co-researcher (Theohalko Solar Energy Inustry LTD ) in a European Union funded ST7 Project in Norway

polyethylene storage tanks

safe for use material

LLDPE(Polyethylene) is a material that is food contact safe, therefore safe to use regarding health and well being.

heating oil storage

Safe to use as a replacement for central heating fuel tank with larger life span than metal fuel storage tanks.

wine storage

Wine producers need large barrels to store their production. Polyethylene is a certified and safe material for storing wine

food containers

Our products are laboratory tested and are suitable for storing liquids such as olive oil, cooking oil, wine, potable water etc.

agriculture usage

Install and transport our extra thick wall tanks on your truck for watering agriculture products.

our guarantee

Your product is covered by a 10 year guarantee if installed and used according to our guidelines

why plastic?

Metallic tanks offer more hardness, but they do not offer healthy future. At some point, it will be needed to be replaced. A plastic tank offers long life without any corrosion or “water polution” but is soft and it needs special care. That is why we manufacture special metallic bases for the tanks.

The bases can be ordered and made to our facilities, or someone can have the opportunity to build one according to our blueprints.

plastikon s4 2000

Application Fields of our Products

  1. Houses
  2. Hotels
  3. Construction companies
  4. Olive mills and olive oil process units
  5. Farms and Poultry units
  6. Fruits and Vegetables producers
  7. Animal food industries
  8. Water and waste facilities
  9. Factories dealing with potable water
  10. Wineries and beer factories
  11. Food preparation industries
  12. Restaurants and Bars
  13. Car wash
  14. Car Painters, etc

Single – Double – Triple Storage Tank Wall Technology

This technology gives us the opportunity to meet the requirements and standards of almost everyone, from a customer who wants to buy a tank for home use, up to a farmer, who wants to attach the tank on a truck to use it for watering fields.


As part of our ecosystem, we care about our environment and that is why we created a recycling unit in our premises.

Through our research experience and the years of our operation, we acquired enough and necessary knowledge to reproduce some of our products from recycling of flaw ones.

And because your health is our main priority, we reproduce the materials that have never contacted food or drinking water.

So, according to the above, our goal is to help saving the environment and ecosystem thorough collecting and recycling damaged or replaced plastic storage tanks and their equipment.

Our commitment is to convince consumers to contact us and bring to our facilities their replaced or old plastic tank so that we can recycle it and reproduce a new one.

Our recycling unit is equipped for the following plastic parts and products:

  1. Storage Tanks Caps
  2. Garbage tanks from 150 to 1100 liters
  3. Pressure pumps caps
  4. Plastic flowerpots
  5. Plastic Palettes
  6. And finally, anything that is made from plastic.

Our basic is to:

  1. Reduce production cost between 40% – 45%
  2. Protect the environment and reduce pollution
  3. Energy saving
  4. Minimize production loss

installation and guarantee

correct installation

From our early experience during the past 30 years we have learned the correct way of installing plastic tanks. During our early years we encountered tank failures due to wrong installation by the installers. Those mistakes made us learn and prepare an installation guide for each tank.

The guides are given to the plumbers or the installation people with the correct and precise instructions, but also to prevent a financial and psychological inconvenience towards the buyer.

Installing the tank with our guidelines, not only will have our 10-year guarantee, but also will ensure the purity and quality of our products.

products & guidelines

You can access, view, and download all our guidelines, metal support stand blueprints, and dimensions of our products through our products page.