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Using pure polyethylene material (a material that is commonly used for producing materials that are suitable for hygiene purposes), we manufacture:
  1. Storage tanks ranging from 150 L up to 8500 L.
  2. Products that can be used for fishing.
  3. septicia/biologicla tanks.
  4. Palettes.

Also, we can provide our customers with replacement parts, mostly storage tank caps

You can access the range of our products here

We can manufacture custom orders according to your needs.

If, for example, you intent to attach one of our storage tanks on a truck for agriculture purposes, we produce a storage tank with extra and more stronger wall thickness.

IMPORTANT: if you wish to order a different color, than the ones available, please contact us for further discussion.

You can have your order wither by self pick up from our factory or by requesting delivering it to you, free of charge.

In case of self pick up, we recommend taking all the necessary safety measures to prevent any damage to the product it self. 

If the product is damaged during self pick up, guarantee do not apply.

Our fleet can deliver your orders all over Cyprus with caution.

If, by any chance, during loading, unloading and delivery, we provoke damage to the product, it is our responsibility to replace the product without any extra charges.

We provide spare parts in case of loosing or damage the storage tank or the floaters.

IMPORTANT: if the spare part suffered damage or you lost it and it was by your fault, then the replacement parts are charged and you can buy them from our factory.

As the leading company in storage tank production, we manage to gain a network of resellers, not only in Cyprus, but also abroad.

You can buy our products from our reselling points. Please keep in mind that our guarantee is applicable. 

IMPORTANT ADVICE: When you buy our product from a reseller, please make a thorough self check for any damage.

A second option for acquiring our storage tanks, is by your plumber. Please keep in mind that the above advice is also applicable here.

We do not provide product installation. You are responsible to find an experienced and suitable handyman.

We are preparing an online guide for proper installation in various circumstances and it will be available soon for online reading and/or download and print.

SOlar thermal solutions

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In the meantime:

water filtering solutions

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This section is currently being prepared.
In the meantime: