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Plastikon Group of Companies houses 3 companies, each one producing different products, but with the possibility of combining them to complete systems.

Using machines that dealing with Rotational Molding pattent, we produce storage tanks with capacities from 150L to 8500L (soon  10,000 L) for safely storing potable water, fruit juice, various chemicals, heating oils- diesel oil and kerosene.

Our portfolio also includes fishing products and septic/biological tanks.

advice and tips

As the leading company in its field, we use TOP quality material, known as polyethylene or L.L.D.P.E. to produce our products so that they:

  1. Have great durability
  2. Have a long lifespan (ten-year guarantee)
  3. Withstand ultraviolet radiation from the sun
  4. Do not oxidize
fishing products paragadi

fishing products

Plastic products manufactured for fishing purposes like paragadi and buckets.

septicia biological products

biological products

Replace the concrete septicia or biological tank with one of our plastic range to ensure environmental protection.

replacement and other parts

other products

Replacement parts for damaged and/or lost storage cap from the whole production range of storage tanks.

storage tanks

storage tanks

View and read all the characteristics and guidelines regarding our storage tank range.

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