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Our professional advices and tips, are essential for understanding the proper guidelines regarding our products and covered by our guarantee.

Each company house in our group, gives you its own advices and tips, regarding their products, so that you can understand the product itself and the installment and avoid any conflicts and mistakes that can cause any sort of damage.

s&t plastikon storage tank manufacturers in cyprus
Placement of the tank

First think to consider, is to make sure that the surface on which you intend to place the storage tank, is clean and clear from small rocks and thinks that might deeply scratch the product.


Our advice, is to consider placing the tank, on our bases that are constructed according to our guidelines.

Color of the storage tank

We produce two colors which are white/black, as first choice (white exterior color and black interior), and second is grey. There is a third option which is black color.

Color usage

White color is used mainly for house water, thus is the most selling color for that purpose.

Grey, on the other hand, is mostly used for storing heating fuel.

In a word

Our storage tanks can be used for almost all types of liquids, depending on your demand and usage.

Storage capabilities
What can you store!

With our certifications, our products are suitable for almost every liquid for example wine, potable water, agriculture water, heating fuel etc.

Quantity of storage
Range of our products

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